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Mr Hay-Smith has a special interest in the management uveitis and of all forms of inflammatory eye conditions.  He has had further specialist training in this complex area under Professor Miles Stanford at St Thomas’ Hospital and the Western Eye Hospital.

What is uveitis?

How is Uveitis treated?

Uveitis is the inflammation of the uvea, or the lining of the eye.  It can range from mild and self limiting to severe and sight threatening.  Much uveitis is ideopathic (unexplained) but some uveitis is connected to systemic disease such as infections and auto-immune conditions.

see also: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Uveitis/Pages/Introduction.aspx

Most uveitis can be treated with eye drops.  Some, especially posterior uveitis, is associated with systemic auto-immune conditions and can be difficult to treat.  These conditions are best managed by an ophthalmologist with as special interest in inflammatory conditions of the eye, sometimes in collaboration with a rheumatologist, chest or other physician.