HIV Ophthalmology
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Infection with HIV can affect the eye both in the early stages of the infection and later.

At initial diagnosis a review by an ophthalmologist with an interest in HIV ophthalmology is recommended, especially if the CD4 count is low.

Once the infection is controlled and the viral load suppressed, the eyes normally stay fit and healthy: though cataract can come earlier in people with HIV compared with the general population(1). 

Mr Hay-Smith has an interest in HIV ophthalmology and undertook a fellowship at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where he was responsible for the Kobler Unit (HIV unit) in-patients at this internationally renowned centre of excellence for the treatement of severe HIV infections.  He has gained good experience managing the ophthalmic complications of HIV infection.

(1)  Rasmussen LD et al.  Risk of cataract surgery in HIV-infected individuals: a Danish nationwide population based cohort study.  Clin Infect Dis, doh: 10.1093/cid/cir675, 2011.