What is a cataract?

When should cataract be removed?

How are cataracts removed?

Cataract surgery has few complications.

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A Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens.  It is most commonly associated with ageing though diseases such as diabetes, trauma and some drugs, including steroids can hasten their development.

A Cataract can be safely removed with modern surgery at any stage.  It is no longer necessary to wait until it has reached a certain density.  Once a cataract causes symptoms that affect daily activity then it should be removed to restore good vision.

Modern small incision cataract surgery uses ultrasound energy to break up the lens which is then removed.  The incisions for the surgery are as small as 2.2mm (3/32”) and do not normally require sutures.

The serious complication rate for modern cataract surgery is very low.